Playlist for O.N.E by SHAKE HANDS



Playlists for O.N.E by SHAKE HANDS | 東京都目黒区


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学芸大学の「Hotel CLASKA」にて開催された「O.N.E by SHAKE HANDS」のドリンクを担当。


Vegetable Record Foodによる、プラカップにQRシールを貼った「プレイリスト付き生ビール」を提供した。

We were in charge of drinks for "O.N.E by SHAKE HANDS", held at Hotel CLASKA.


Syotaro Hayashi selected music for "O.N.E by SHAKE HANDS", based on concepts of "Rain", "Rooftop" and "Dance".

We Vegetable Record Food serve plastic cups with QR codes,  "Tap beer with a playlist".


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Title:Playlists for O.N.E by SHAKE HANDS

Place:Hotel Claska

Address:1-3-18, Chuo-cho, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo

Playlist Selected by Syotaro Hayashi

Direction by Vegetable Record, Vegetable Record Food