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Playlist Places


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公共施設/空間(公共性の高い民有地も含む)など、​広く一般に開放されている場所への「音楽を使った空間デザイン」としてプレイリストを提案するシリーズ「Playlist Places」。

所属アーティストのSyotaro HayasiとRyota Mikamiが楽曲をセレクト。Apple MusicとSpotifyで公開中。





Playlist series for public space, "Playlist Places." 

Playlist for each month as "Spatial Design Using Music" selected by Syotaro Hayashi and Ryota Mikami. Available on Apple Music or Spotify.​​

Each month's concept is as below.(Frequent updates)

May, 2019:"Sensoji Temple" and "Ueno Park"

June, 2019:"Azuma Bridge" and "Kappabashi Kitchen Town"

July, 2019:"Yoshiwara" and "Akihabara Electric Town"

Playlist for 浅草寺(Sensoji Temple)(Apple Music)

Playlist for 浅草寺(Sensoji Temple)(Spotify)


Playlist for 上野公園(Ueno Park)(Apple Music)

Playlist for 上野公園(Ueno Park)(Spotify)

Playlist for 吾妻橋(Azuma Bridge)(Apple Music)

Playlist for 吾妻橋(Azuma Bridge)(Spotify)

Playlist for 合羽橋道具街(Kappabashi Kitchen Town)(Apple Music)

Playlist for 合羽橋道具街(Kappabashi Kitchen Town)(Spotify)

Playlist for 吉原(Yoshiwara)(Apple Music)

Playlist for 吉原(Yoshiwara)(Spotify)

Playlist for 秋葉原電気街(Akihabara Electric Town)(Apple Music)

Playlist for 秋葉原電気街(Akihabara Electric Town)(Spotify)

Playlists Selected by Syotaro Hayashi, Ryota Mikami

Direction by Vegetable Record

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