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Playlists for 喫茶青二才


Playlists for 喫茶青二才 | 東京都新宿区
■Client Works / Space

「詩的」「土着」「洗練」をコンセプトにSyotaro HayashiとRyota Mikamiが計10時間選曲。プレイリストのQRシールをコースターに貼り、来店者がプレイリストを持って帰ることができる仕掛けを施した。

Spatial design using music.
We were in charge of music for "喫茶青二才 (Kissa Aonisai)", held at Shinjuku Golden-Gai.
Syotaro Hayashi and Ryota Mikami selected 10 hours of music for "喫茶青二才", based on the concepts of "Poetic","Local" and "Sophisticated". Also, We sticked the QR seal on coaster, and made it possible for visitors to bring the playlists back.

Title:Playlists for 喫茶青二才
Playlists Selected by Syotaro Hayashi, Ryota Mikami
Direction by Vegetable Record

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