Song for SIRI SIRI (Summer, 2020)


Song for SIRI SIRI (Summer, 2020)

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ジュエリーブランド「SIRI SIRI」の夏用の音楽を担当。


深い海の底から光の粒を掬い上げたような、SIRI SIRIのイメージを音楽で表現。



Brand design using music.

Summer music for the jewelry brand "SIRI SIRI".

Song concept is "Balance between jet black and light".

Music expresses the image of SIRI SIRI, as if a grain of light was scooped up from the bottom of the deep sea.


We aimed to create an atmosphere that is both stoic and romantic. In order to be able to use a song in various scenes of the brand (in the shop, SNS, video, radio, etc.), composition of the song is such that it works no matter where you cut it like not time progression like a video but like a photographwise single painting.

Title:Song for SIRI SIRI (Summer, 2020)

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​​Music Written by Ryota Mikami
Music Directed by Vegetable Record

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