Song for てとてと食堂 (Fall)


Song for てとてと食堂(Fall)| 東京都世田谷区
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Spatial design using music.
Song for "Tetoteto Shokudō" which is completely reserved home party presented by TETOTETO inc.

This work is based on the concepts of "Sleep", "Gold", "Harvest Festival". Ryota Mikami mixed various elements such as festive horn samplings, lullaby-like organs and electric pianos, energetic and romantic synthesizers, misty chorus and electric guitars, delayed acoustic guitars, and ethnic percussion etc. and aimed for mysterious and dreamy images that is both solemn and lively.

Title:Song for てとてと食堂(Fall)
Original Song Length:41:54


Short Version Free Download (35:28)


Music Written by Ryota Mikami
Music Directed by Vegetable Record 

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