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「持続性」「視点を変える」「対義的」をコンセプトに、TSUGIやTOURISTOREのキーワード「創造的な産地をつくる」「支える・作る・売る・醸す」を音楽で表現。「低音=職人 / 上物=デザイナー」とし、ベースが反復フレーズの時はギターやシンセサイザーが動きをつけ、逆にベースに動きがある時はそれ以外の要素が静かになる、というように、幾つかのセクションを編み目のように混ぜて展開させた。



Spatial design using music.

Song for "TOURISTORE" where is a complex of shops, lacquerware workshops, tourist information centers, design office and rental cycles, operated by the creative company "TSUGI" and "Kinkori lacquerware shop" in Sabae, Fukui.


​This work is based on the concepts of "Sustainability", "Change one's viewpoint" and "Opposite".


Syotaro Hayashi expressed keywords of TSUGI and TOURISTORE "Make producing-area creative" and "Support / Create / Sell / Brew" by music. Also, he saw as "Bass part = Craftsman / Other elements = Designer", and when the bass loops, the guitar and the synthesizer move, and when the bass moves, other elements become quiet, and mixed several section like a mesh.


In addition, we put a small speaker in the central counter between the lacquerware workshop and the shop and resonate the entire counter to try to connect the lacquerware workshop and the shop by music as well.

Title:Song for TOURISTORE

Original Song Length:54:19

Short Version Free Download(36:48)


Address:19-8, Kawadacho, Sabae-shi, Fukui

Photo:Kenta Hasegawa

Music Written by Syotaro Hayashi

Music Directed by Vegetable Record