"Song for utatane" Release Live


Song for utatane | 埼玉県さいたま市

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温泉道場が手がける温浴施設「おふろCafé utatane」の館内音楽「Song for utatane」のリリースライブ。




Release live of the music "Song for utatane" of the hot bath facility "Ofuro Café utatane".

"Milk with music" with a QR code of the song is also on sale at the event.

We and Aoi Nogi performed a 25-minute improvisation with the concepts of "Nap", "In a dream" and "Deep sleep".

​Title:"Song for utatane" Release Live

Place:utatane ​​


Synthesizer, Percussion by Syotaro Hayashi

Electric Guitar, Sampler, Keyboard, iPhone by Ryota Mikami


Marimba, Glockenspiel by Aoi Nogi

Video, Photo, Stylist by Aoi Kudo


Music Written by Ryota Mikami

Music Directed by Vegetable Record