Songs for 福井銀行 / THEREE TIMES COFFEE



Songs for 福井銀行 / THEREE TIMES COFFEE


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2020年12月にリニューアルオープンした「福井銀行本店」の、1F銀行内と2Fのカフェ「THEREE TIMES COFFEE」の施設音楽を担当。






Spatial design using music.
Music for bank on 1st Floor and cafe "THEREE TIMES COFFEE" on 2nd Floor of "Fukui Bank Head Office" which wad reopened in December 2020.

Based on the music concept is "Intersection".

We express the bank and cafe where various people come and go using seven different songs superimposed like an abstract painting.

Using open-tuned guitars, marimba, conga, saxophone, piano, etc., we aimed for colorful, calm and slightly exotic atmosphere.

Also, underlying canvas-like music "#4" is played from the ceiling speaker on the 2nd floor of the bank, and the paint-like music "#1", "#2", "#3", "#5", "#6" and "#7" Is played from small speakers installed in various places on the 1st and 2nd floors.


The 3 songs have different length but the same tonality, so they always overlap and harmonize with each other, creating "A gradation-like music space that sounds change depending on where you are" that makes you want to walk toward the music.

Title:Songs for 福井銀行 / THEREE TIMES COFFEE

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Music Written by The Vegetables

Music Directed by Vegetable Record

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