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Channel View

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Paffgen(ペイフゲン)の2nd EP。吉田ヨウヘイとPun Pun Cirlcleをゲストに迎えた17 分間の意欲作。多種多様なサンプリング(音の引用)から織りなされる、ジャンルを横断した多彩なサウンドが特徴。1曲入り。

2nd EP of Paffgen (Syotaro Hayashi). A 17-minute ambitious work with Yohei Yoshida and Pun Pun Cirlcle as guests. It features a variety of sounds that cross genres using many samplings. 1 song included.

Title:Channel View
Music Written by Syotaro Hayashi
Music Directed by Vegetable Record


Channel View
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