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ソロアーティストのSyotaro Hayashi(写真左)とRyota Mikami(写真右)により設立。




Music Label founded by artists Syotaro Hayashi (Left) and Ryota Mikami (Right), based on the concept of "Create new ways of enjoying music and new values of music".

We perceive digital and commercial space/product as one of the "New Formats of Music" instead of CD/Cassette/Record, and we are releasing "Spatial design using music", "Product design using music" like releasing music works for architectural space or products.

Also, we are trying various experiment related to music like "Sound gathering / instruments experience workshop", "Strolling live that the way you hear changes depending on where you are", "Spatial design using multiple music/speakers", "Installation using music", "Make speakers and cables look like a sculpture", "Various approach using QR code", and "Artist-in-residence".

Site-specific Music



We perceive everything from small items to huge places as “New Formats of Music” and make music as a "Self-sustaining element" that construct spaces and product etc. We are aiming to create “Site-specific Music” that can only be materialized at that time/place/object with inspirations from concepts, contexts, historical backgrounds, ambient/environmental sounds.




Syotaro Hayashi / 林翔太郎

1988年福井県出身。Vegetable Record共同代表。2019年1月まで、ソロプロジェクト「Paffgen(ペイフゲン)」としても活動。2013年6月、1st EP「Sprawl」をBandcampにて公開。その後、2015年7月に全国流通盤1st アルバム「Vacation」をVegetable Recordよりリリース。2016年9月には吉田ヨウヘイ、Pun Pun Circleをゲストに迎えた1曲17分の「Channel View」をリリース。2017年10月、2nd アルバム「Seymour」をリリース。2019年1月、3rd EP「Shining」をリリースしている。

Born in Fukui, Japan in 1988. Artist and Co-founder of Vegetable Record. He also worked solo project as "Paffgen" until January 2019. In June 2013, he released 1st EP “Sprawl” on his Bandcamp. After that, he released 1st Album “Vacation” in July 2015, 1st Single "Channel View" in September 2016 and 2nd Album “Seymour” in October 2017. In January 2019, he released 3rd EP "Shining".

Ryota Mikami / 三上僚太

1988年東京都出身。Vegetable Record共同代表2014年6月に1st EP「Buddha, Mozart and the Ladies」をYoutubeなどのネット上にてリリース。2016年8月と2017年2月、2nd EP「Wedding」「Wedding (Part II)」を、2020年12月に3rd EP「Love Decorated with the Flowers」をVegetable Recordよりリリースしている。

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1988. Artist and Co-founder of Vegetable Record. In June 2014, he released the 1st EP “Buddha,Mozart and the Ladies” on some websites. In Aug 2016 and February 2017, he released 2nd EP "Wedding", "Wedding (Part II)", and released 3rd EP "Love Decorated with the Flowers" in Dec 2020 by Vegetable Record.


The Vegetables / ザ ベジタブルズ

2013年8月結成。互いにソロとして活動している、Syotaro HayashiとRyota Mikamiによるユニット。2013年9月に1st Album「Vegetable Hotel」をYoutubeなどネット上に公開。その後、2015年2月にネットレーベル、Tanukineiri Recordsより再リリース。2015年12月24日に2nd Album「Love! Vegetables」を自身のレーベル、Vegetable Recordよりリリース。

The Vegetables is a performing group from Tokyo, Japan, consisting of Syotaro Hayashi and Ryota Mikami and formed in August 2013. Also, each performs as a solo. In September 2013, they released 1st Album “Vegetable Hotel” on the internet. After that, it's released by Tanukineiri Records in February 2015. Their 2nd Album “Love! Vegetables” was released from their own label, Vegetable Record on 24th December 2015.



Video / Other Design Using Music

音楽を使った映像デザイン / 音楽を使ったその他デザイン

Sound Gathering / Instruments Experience Workshop


Strolling Live That the Way You Hear Changes Depending on Where You Are


Spatial Design Using Multiple Music/Speakers


​Installation Using Music


Make Speakers and Cables Look Like Sculptures