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Songs for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS

2021/03/31〜, 07/04〜, 2022/03〜, 08/08〜
Songs for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS | 千葉県流山市
Client Works / Space


商業施設「流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS」のテラスの音楽。











Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.

Music for the terrace of the commercial facility "S・C FLAPS".

The song concept is "Goshawk's eyes", "Lively plaza", and "Steps". 

We have updated music in July 2021, March 2022 and August 2022. From the ceiling speakers, we interspersed the base music with sounds of field recordings and marimba made by workshop participants. Small speakers placed in planting strips throughout the terrace play different music for each floor. The layering of tones changes as you go up the floor, creating an interesting musical experience unique to this location.

<Ceiling Speaker>
Collaborated with the marimba player "Aoi Nogi", we expressed in music the image of a goshawk flying freely on an updraft overlooking FLAPS and a lively plaza. We took in some elements of lively South African music and aimed to create a bright, healthy and enjoyable music space, like in a forest full of sunlight.

Music like soft breeze using acoustic guitar and percussion.

Music like reflected light using electric piano, harpsichord, and jew's harp.

Music like living things using steel pans, otama-tones, and water drums.

Music that rhythmic and marching using violins and cellos.

Music that dynamic piece using trumpet, saxophone and percussion.


Music like on the cloud using synthesizer.

Title:Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS


Photo:Aoi Kudo (2-8)

Marimba:Aoi Nogi

Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

Ceiling Speaker (Original ver.) 2021.03.31〜2021.07.03
00:00 / 23:01
Ceiling Speaker (2021 Workshop ver.) 2021.07.04〜2022.02.28
00:00 / 23:01
Ceiling Speaker (New ver.) 2022.03.01〜2022.08.07
00:00 / 22:58
Ceiling Speaker (2022 Workshop ver.) 2022.08.08〜
00:00 / 22:58
2F (New ver.) 2022.03.01〜
00:00 / 11:15
3F (New ver.) 2022.03.01〜
00:00 / 14:28
4F (New ver.) 2022.03.01〜
00:00 / 20:05
5F (New ver.) 2022.03.01〜
00:00 / 19:30
6F (New ver.) 2022.03.01〜
00:00 / 10:44
Rooftop (New ver.) 2022.03.01〜
00:00 / 15:07
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