The Vegetables - Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS


Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS / Song for Nagareyama-Otakanomori S・C FLAPS
■Format / Terrace

音楽を使った空間デザイン。The Vegetables作曲。
東神開発株式会社が手がける、3月31日にグランドオープンした商業施設「流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS」のテラス音楽。





Spacial design using music by The Vegetables.

"Song for Nagareyama-Otakanomori S・C FLAPS" is music for the terrace of the new commercial facility "Nagareyama-Otakanomori S・C FLAPS".

The song concept is "Goshawk's eyes", "Lively plaza", and "Steps". We expressed in music the image of a goshawk flying freely on an updraft overlooking FLAPS and a lively plaza.

We collaborated with the marimba player "Aoi Nogi", and used marimba, glockenspiel, several types of guitars, three types of bass, synthesizer, percussion and so on.

And we took in some elements of lively South African music and aimed to create a bright, healthy and enjoyable music space, like in a forest full of sunlight.

Title:Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS / Song for Nagareyama-Otakanomori S・C FLAPS

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Marimba by Aoi Nogi

Music Written by The Vegetables

Music Directed by Vegetable Record

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