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Songs for なごアグリパーク

Songs for
なごアグリパーク | 沖縄県名護市

■Client Works / Space





また、温室の入口には、ランドスケープデザイナー「WOODSMART」、デザインスタジオ「penotea studio」とコラボレーションした、音楽・植栽・人感センサーを使った作品「Music Plants」を設置した。


​<#1 / エントランス>


​<#2 / ショップ>

​<#3 / レストラン>

​<#4 / 温室(シーリング)>



​<#5 / 温室(カフェ)>


​ <#6 / 温室 A>


​<#7 / 温室 B>



​ <#8 / 温室 C>


​ <#9 / 温室(入口)>

Music Plants。アコースティックギター、ホイッスル、シンセサイザーを使用。風で木々が揺れる様子や、植物に集まる鳥や虫を音楽で表現。人感センサースピーカーにより、植栽の下をくぐり抜けると38種類の短い楽曲がランダムに流れる。

Spatial design using multiple music/speakers. 
Music for Nago Agri-Park.

​The music concepts are "Harvest Festival", "Agri-Park" and "Tropical". Inspired by the design and location of Nago Agri-Park. Each song continues to shift but harmonizes with each other, and the surrounding environmental sounds also blend together to complete the music.

In addition, "Music Plants" a work using music, plants, and motion sensors, was installed at the entrance to the greenhouse in collaboration with landscape designer "WOODSMART" and design studio "penotea studio".

​<#1 / Entrance>
The instruments are violin, banjo, acoustic guitar. The music is inspired by a slightly nostalgic harvest festival, with bouncing and stretching phrases on the violin and acoustic guitar rhythms.


​<#2 / Shop>
The instruments are electric guitar, gut guitar, electric bass, piano, keyboards, and percussion. The music expresses the leisurely flow of time and life-like nature of Okinawa.


<#3 / Restaurant>
The instruments are drums, bass, fiddle, trombone, and steelpan. 
A lively, slightly pastoral medley of three different types of music: country, exotic, and tropical pop.

<#4 / Greenhouse (Ceiling)>

The instruments are electric guitar, gut guitar, electric bass, piano, violin and angklung. The music expresses the rich natural bounty of Okinawa.

<#5 / Greenhouse (Cafe)>
The instruments are percussion, bass and synthesizer. The music is tropical and danceable, inspired by sweets and the aroma of sweet fruits.

​<#6 / Greenhouse A>
The instruments are electric piano, bass, clarinet and steelpan. The music has an exotic feel with electric piano phrases and steelpan phrases reminiscent of the tropics.

​<#7 / Greenhouse B>

The instruments are violin, percussion, electric guitar and synthesizer. The guitars imitate birdcalls, and the music has a daydream-like atmosphere, evoking the life force and mystique of plants.

​<#8 / Greenhouse C>

The instruments are electric guitar, gut guitar, electric bass, piano, keyboards and percussion. The music expresses the leisurely flow of time and life-like nature of Okinawa.

​<#9 / Greenhouse (Entrance)>

Music Plants. The instruments are acoustic guitar, whistle and synthesizer. We expressed the swaying of trees in the wind and birds and insects attracted to the plants with music. When you walk through the plants, human sensor speaker plays music 38 different short songs at random.

Title:Songs for なごアグリパーク



Plants, Landscape Design:WOODSMART

Human Sensor:penotea studio

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

#1 エントランス / Entrance
00:00 / 33:22
#2 ショップ / Shop
00:00 / 17:43
#3 レストラン / Restaurant
00:00 / 40:31
#4 温室(シーリング)/ Greenhouse (Ceiling)
00:00 / 33:24
#5 温室(カフェ)/ Greenhouse (Cafe)
00:00 / 30:06
#6 温室 A / Greenhouse A
00:00 / 19:48
#7 温室 B / Greenhouse B
00:00 / 11:52
#8 温室 C / Greenhouse C
00:00 / 17:43
#9 温室(入口)/ Greenhouse (Entrance)
00:00 / 03:16
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