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Songs for 柏駅東口ペデストリアンデッキ

Songs for
柏駅東口ペデストリアンデッキ | 千葉県柏市

■Client Works / Space



音楽コンセプトは「Plants」「デッキ」LOA LANDSCAPEがデザインした場所ごとの植栽(常緑樹、落葉樹、グラス、主根草)や、デッキから着想を得て5曲制作。柏駅東口〜旧SOGOまでのアプローチの植栽帯5ヶ所に5台のスピーカーを設置。それぞれの音楽が重なり合い、居る場所によって音楽の聴こえ方が変化したり、歩いていくとグラデーションのように音楽が変化する演出を試みた。






Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.
Music for the pedestrian deck at the east exit of Kashiwa Station.

The music concept is "Plants" and "Deck". We composed five songs inspired by the deck, and the plantings (Evergreen trees, deciduous trees, grasses, main rootstocks) designed by LOA LANDSCAPE, and we installed five speakers in the five planting strips from the east exit of Kashiwa Station to the former Sogo. The music overlaps with each other, and the way you hear the music changes depending on where you are, and as you walk around, the music changes like a gradation.

Inspired by deciduous trees, which change frequently throughout the year and easily remind us of the four seasons. The instruments are piano, drums, electric bass, clarinet, and violin. The music has a floating, rhythmic and joyful atmosphere.

Inspired by evergreen trees. The instruments are slide guitar and flute. A gentle piece that like a groundwork for #1 and #3, expressing a changing flower while maintaining a constant rhythm and tone.

Inspired by insects and birds passing through the plantings. The instruments are marimba, xylophone, clarinet, violin, and saxophone. The music is like a dance with various phrases crossing each other.


Inspired by the wind and light passing through the plantings. The instruments are acoustic and electric guitars, piano, and percussion. The music is free and light, with elements of flamenco and tango.


Inspired by the main root grass and lawn. The instruments are steelpan, marimba, glockenspiel, and saxophone. The piece expresses a colorful lawn using tremolo techniques of various instruments like blur the view. Like the main root grass, which has cycles of withering and blooming throughout the year, the staccato-like phrases of this piece are hidden in plain sight.

Title:Songs for 柏駅東口ペデストリアンデッキ


​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

#1 (Short ver.)
00:00 / 09:54
#2 (Short ver.)
00:00 / 09:54
#3 (Short ver.)
00:00 / 09:54
#4 (Short ver.)
00:00 / 09:54
#5 (Short ver.)
00:00 / 09:54
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