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Songs for 柏駅東口ペデストリアンデッキ

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Songs for
柏駅東口ペデストリアンデッキ | 千葉県柏市

■Client Works / Space



音楽のコンセプトは「植栽」「デッキ」LOA LANDSCAPE配置する場所ごとの植栽(常緑樹、落葉樹、グラス、主根草)やデッキから着想を得て8曲制作。柏駅東口〜旧そごうまでの植栽の中に8台の小型スピーカーを配置。それぞれの音楽がズレながらも重なり合い、いる場所によって聞こえ方が変わり、歩いていくことでグラデーションのように楽曲が変化する演出を試みた。







Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.
Music for the restaurant "yaoyano" run by natowa that specializes in croquettes and craft colas.

We composed the three songs inspired by croquettes, vegetables and the location, and placed three small speakers inside and outside the restaurant. The songs are continuously displaced, but harmonize with each other. "Songs for yaoyano" is completed by mixing in environmental sounds such as the sound of the ventilation fan in the restaurant, the sound of frying croquettes, and the sound of people talking. The music will be updated for the four seasons.

<#1 / At the back of the restaurant>
The music concept is "abstract croquette". We expressed a vague atmosphere inspired by croquettes with music. The instruments are electric fretless bass, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, marimba, and harpsichord. We aimed to create a warm atmosphere like the warmth of nature.

<#2 / Terrace>
The music concept is "the nature of the Kuhonbutsu River that once existed". We composed the song inspired by the former scenery of the Kuhonbutsu River which is now a culvert. The instruments are electric guitar, marimba, flute, acoustic piano, mandolin, and timpani. We expressed the falling dry leaves and the riverside where the cold river flows with music.

<#3 / In the front of the restaurant>
The music concept is "seasonal vegetables". We composed the song inspired by winter seasonal vegetables (turnip, lotus root, crown daisy, Japanese leek, Chinese cabbage, Japanese radish, spinach). The instruments are analog synth bass, synthesizer, classical guitar, violin, and tambourine. We expressed the vegetables that store their sweetness under the snow to keep them from freezing in the winter cold with music.

Title:Songs for 柏駅東口ペデストリアンデッキ


​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

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