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Song for Nowhere

Song for Nowhere | 東京都港区
■Others / Installation
8/17〜8/25、スパイラルガーデンにて開催された「Espace de Réflexion ー ジャン=リュック・ヴィルムートが伝えつづけた愛と学び‒」のパフォーマンスプログラムのひとつ「1時間だけの個展」に参加。



We took part in "One-hour solo exhibition", one of the performance programs of "Espace de Réflexion" held at  Aoyama Spiral Garden from August 17th to August 25th.

We played 3 small speakers with the sound of the city of “Tokyo”, “New York” and “Istanbul” at the same time. The sound of each city overlaped to create “Nowhere in the world for just 1 hour” using music.

Title:Song for Nowhere
​​Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record


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