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Song for 小杉湯

Song for 小杉湯 | 東京都杉並区

■Client Works / Space



Spatial design using music.
Music for the public bath "Kosugiyu".

The concept is "light blue", "clean" and "freshness". Based on 13 patterns of motifs, we recorded improvisational performances of marimba with various strengths and tempos. Locker keys and bath tubs are used for percussion. Locker keys and bath tubs are used as percussion. Also, we recorded all the sounds in the bathroom to take advantage of the reverb of the public bath.

We aimed for site-specific music like you can hear the user's actual sound and music mixed and played somewhere in Kosugiyu.
Title:Song for 小杉湯

Photo:Aoi Kudo (15-18)
Marimba:Aoi Nogi

Music Written by Ryota Mikami 
Music Directed by Vegetable Record


Song for 小杉湯 (Kosugiyu)
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