Songs for 越​後​薬​草​蒸​留​所

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Songs for 越​後​薬​草​蒸​留​所 | 新潟県上越市

■Client Works / Space



「1F 蒸留所」「2F ギャラリー」「3F レストラン」に小型スピーカーを5台配置。それぞれから流れる5曲はズレながらも調和し合い、施設の環境音も混ざり合うことで「Songs for 越後薬草蒸留所」は蒸留所全体が呼吸をしているように生成され続ける。

<#1 / 1F 蒸留所>



<#2 / 2F ギャラリー>

<#3 / 2F ギャラリー>


<#4 / 2F ギャラリー>


<#5 / 3F レストラン>


Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.
Music for Echigo Yakuso Distillery where is place to experience the craft gin "YASO" as art.

The music concept is "botanicals of Joetsu". We composed the music by interweaving 80 different phrases inspired by 80 different raw materials with various environmental sounds recorded at the distillery. Also, we aimed to convey the refined atmosphere of YASO through the music played throughout the distillery.

<#1 / 1F Distillery>

The instrument is violin, electric guitar, synthesizer, sounds of rubbing wildflowers, and fermentation. The music is rhythmic, lively, and joyful.

<#2 / 2F Gallery>

The instruments are recorded environmental and electronic sounds. The music expresses the organic movement of microorganisms through randomly flowing phrases.

<#3 / 2F Gallery>

The instruments are piano, sampling, and floating analog synthesizers. The music is botanical, expressing a variety of plants.

<#4 / 2F Gallery>

The instruments are banjo, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer. The music expresses a sense of warmth and a little winter loneliness inspired by the streets of Joetsu.

<#5 / 3F Restaurant>

The instruments are marimba, clarinet, electric piano, synthesizer, and sounds of putting and mixing wildflowers. The music is calm and fresh, expressing the shimmering of water and the youthfulness of greenery. 

Title:Songs for 越​後​薬​草​蒸​留​所

Client, Photo:株式会社越後薬草

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

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