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Song for 小杉湯 (Live ver.)



Song for 小杉湯 (Live ver.) | 東京都杉並区


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高円寺の銭湯「小杉湯」のための音楽「Song for 小杉湯」のリリースを記念したライブイベント。

男湯「野木青依」、女湯「Vegetable Record (Ryota Mikami, Syotaro Hayashi)」と、それぞれが壁で分断され、お互いの演奏が見えない場所・状況でひとつの楽曲「Song for 小杉湯」を30分間即興演奏した。


Release live of "Song for Kosugiyu".
A collaboration with marimba player "Aoi Nogi".

We set up the men's bath "Aoi Nogi" and the women's bath "The Vegetables", which were separated by a wall and improvised one song "Song for Kosugiyu" in a situation where we couldn't see each other's performances.


We created "Strolling Live That the Way You Hear Changes Depending on Where You Are" by allowing the audiences to go back and forth between the men's and women's bath.

​​Live Performance

Marimba, SE:Aoi Nogi

Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Sampler, iPad, iPhone:Ryota Mikami​

Electric Guitar, Synthesizer:Syotaro Hayashi

Title:Song for 小杉湯 (Live ver.)


Photo:Aoi Kudo

Stylist:Miu Kishima

Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

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