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Craft Beer Bottle Series



Craft Beer Bottle Series

■Label Works / Physical



現在のバリエーションはPaffgen (Syotaro Hayashi)のChannel ViewRyota MikamiのWeddingの2種類。


Craft Beer Bottle with music download code.

Series of works co-produced with a specialty store that captures craft beer bottle packaging as one of the alternative music media to CDs.

There are currently two variations : Paffgen (Syotaro Hayashi)'s Channel ViewRyota Mikami's Wedding. 

From the idea that "We want you to experience music and beer freely with each sensibility", we dare not combine it with "this song has this taste". Music is very dependent on the surrounding environment, just as a live performance changes the impression of a song. By proposing a new music format using beer  and ways to enjoy using the five senses, we would like to expand the possibilities of music and give various interpretations to music.

Title:Craft Beer Bottle Series


Music Written by Paffgen, Ryota Mikami

Music Directed by Vegetable Record

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