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Music Tree Project for Roppongi

Music Tree Project for Roppongi | 東京都港区

■Others / Installation

街に「見えない音楽の木」を植えていく新作プロジェクト「Music Tree Project」。
第1回目の場所は六本木。今回は街の8ヵ所(東京ミッドタウン グリーン&パーク、六本木トンネル、芋洗坂、六本木通り沿い、六本木ヒルズ 森タワー正面広場、毛利庭園、路地裏、けやき坂)で実施。プロジェクトに合わせて制作した新曲「Song for Music Tree Project for Roppongi」を、各所に応じた場所に小型スピーカーを3台設置。

"Music Tree Project" is to plant "invisible music trees" in the city.

The first place is 8 places in Roppongi. "Song for Music Tree Project for Roppongi" for the project is installed in 3 small speakers in various places.

The song suddenly appears in the city and disappears like it withers. Music changes the invisible environment of the city. We are planing to carry out this project in various places, just as the circle of tree planting expands.

Title:Music Tree Project for Roppongi
Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record


Song for Music Tree Project for Roppongi
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