Sayonara (Cover of Kate NV) 

Sayonara (Cover of Kate NV)

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マリンバ奏者、野木青依のシングル「Sayonara (Cover of Kate NV)」。共同制作者(編曲/ミキシング)としてSyotaro Hayashiが、マスタリング担当としてRyota Mikamiが参加。

モスクワを拠点に活動するアーティスト、Kate NVの「Room for the Moon」収録曲「Sayonara」をカバー。マリンバ/コンガ/カウベル/スプラッシュシンバルのみを使い、マリンバにエフェクトをかけて、様々な音色を生み出した。原曲のしなやかで美しいイメージとは打って変わり、「お化けのダンスミュージック」のような、ユーモアに富みながらどこか影がある1曲に仕上げた。

Other designs using music.

Marimba player Aoi Nogi's single "Sayonara (Cover of Kate NV)". Syotaro Hayashi participated as a co-producer (arranger / mixing), and Ryota Mikami participated as a mastering engineer.


This is cover song "Sayonara" from "Room for the Moon" by Kate NV, an artist based in Moscow. We used only marimba / conga / cowbell / splash cymbals and applied effects to the marimba to create a variety of tones. It's different from the original song, and it's a song with humor but some shadow, like "ghost dance music".

Sayonara (Cover of Kate NV)

Arranged by Aoi Nogi, Syotaro Hayashi

All instruments played by Aoi Nogi

Mastering by Ryota Mikami

Music written by Kate NV

Photo by Aoi Kudo

Costume by HOUGA