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Song for Costa Rica Blend

Song for Costa Rica Blend | 福井県吉田郡永平寺町
■Client Works / Product 


福井県にある自家焙煎珈琲豆専門店「COZY COFFEE」のドリップバッグコーヒーの音楽。カバーアートは数種類、コーヒーの味わいと音楽は1種類。商品コンセプト「女の子のコーヒータイム」から着想を得て、楽曲を制作。マリンバとパーカッションだけのシンプルな構成で、段々とモノクロームがカラフルになるような雰囲気に仕上げた。

Product design using music.
Roasted coffee beans with music.

Music for the drip bag coffee of home-roasted coffee bean specialty shop "COZY COFFEE". We made the song inspired by the product concept "Girls' Coffee Time". We had a simple composition of marimba and percussion to create an atmosphere where monochrome became more and more colorful.​

Title:Song for Costa Rica Blend
Illustration:Hayashi Yukiko
Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record


Song for Costa Rica Blend
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