Song for Exhibition "Eat Well, Play Well, Sleep Well"


Song for Exhibition "Eat Well, Play Well, Sleep Well" | 東京都中央区

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テキスタイルデザイナー、YURI HIMUROとファミリアのコラボレーション「Eat Well, Play Well, Sleep Well」の会場音楽を担当。(ファミリア銀座本店CUBiEのみ)

「空想上のリンゴの森で子供たちと動物たちが食べ、遊び、眠る」をコンセプトに、いくつかのモチーフや楽器が見え隠れしながら、「Eat Well, Play Well, Sleep Well(よく食べ、よく遊び、よく寝る)」の3つの世界観を自由に行き来するような作りを目指しつつ、グラフィックにも落とし込まれている繭のような形をイメージして、ゆったりとしたまるみのある音色を目指した。

Spacial design using music.
Music for an exhibition "Eat Well, Play Well, Sleep Well", a collaboration between textile designer YURI HIMURO and Ginza Familia.

The song concept is "children and animals eat, play and sleep in a fancy apple forest". We aimed for a rounded work in which some motifs and musical instruments seen and hidden.

Title:Song for Exhibition "Eat Well, Play Well, Sleep Well"

Original Song Length:57:41

Short Version Free Download(34:32)

Place:Familiar Ginza Main Store

Address:Ginza888 Building, 8-8-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Space Design:Hamanishi DESIGN

Graphic Design:Ryuto Miyake

Music Written by Ryota Mikami

Music Directed by Vegetable Record