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Song for LYURO / Where I Am

Song for LYURO / Where I Am

■Others / Installation


60分間の新作「Song for LYURO」と、様々な国の環境音「Where I Am」を、2組のスピーカーから別々に流した。また、壁面に貼ってあるQRコードから楽曲「Song for LYURO」をフリーダウンロードできる仕掛けを施した。


Installation using music. The concept is "Where I am".

We played the new 60-minute "Song for LYURO" and the environmental sounds of various countries "Where I Am" separately from the two sets of speakers. You can download the song "Song for LYURO" for free from the QR code on the wall.

Also, as a related project, we put a similar sticker on the private rooms on the 4th to 6th floors.

Title:Song for LYURO / Where I Am
​​Music Written by Ryota Mikami
Music Directed by Vegetable Record

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