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Song for micro development inc.

Song for
micro development inc.

■Client Works / Video


「ローカルではじめる人」を伴走支援するプロジェクトコーディネートカンパニー「micro development inc.」のコンセプトビデオの音楽。



Video design using music.

Music for the concept video of "micro development inc".

Music concept is "Shinonome", "Human Activities" and "Higashi-Izu Town". We composed the song inspired by the logo design and corporate philosophy with six tones (marimba, electric guitar, electric bass, percussion, violin, and synthesizer) and a rhythm like a wave. And we expressed what started as a small beginning and spread out (like a gradually rising from the bottom of the sea to reveal the light) and the nature of Higashi Izu Town with music.

Title:Song for micro development inc.

Client:SOW、micro development inc.

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

Song for micro development inc.
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