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Songs for Green Display Showroom

Songs for Green Display Showroom
 | 東京都世田谷区

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<#1 エントランス>



<#2 メインルーム(手前)>



<#3 メインルーム(奥)>


​​Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.

Music for the renewed showroom of Green Display.

​Three songs were inspired by the showroom's renewal concept of "Wellness" and the theme of each room. Small speakers were placed in three locations, at the entrance and in the front and back of the main room. We aimed to create a seamless connection between each space through the music.

<#1 Entrance>
The instruments are marimba, piano, synthesizer. This piece expresses the shimmering of the water's surface and the light shining through it with arpeggios and phrases on the marimba and tremolo playing on the piano.


<#2 In the front of the main room>
The instruments are electric guitar, gut guitar, acoustic bass, and synth bass. By fading in and out of multiple improvisations, the music expresses the atmosphere of leaves rustling and shaking and of being in a meadow.

#3 Back of the main room>
The instruments are keyboards, electric piano, glass harmonica, theremin, harpsichord, saxophone, and percussion . While spacing out the sounds, soft tones and chords express the warmth of the sun filtering through the trees and the earth. The music also expresses the wind passing through by applying tremolo to the entire piece.​

Title:Songs for Green Display Showroom

Client, Photo:株式会社グリーンディスプレイ

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

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