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Songs for レ・ジェイド シティ 橋本

Songs for レ・ジェイド シティ 橋本 | 神奈川県相模原市

■Client Works / Space

レ・ジェイド シティ 橋本のモデルルームの音楽。


<#1 / 受付>

<#2 / テラス>

<#3 / 商談ルーム>

<#4 / 模型ルーム>

<#5 / 寝室>

<#6 / LDK>


Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.
Music for the Condominium Showroom of the Le JADE CITY Hashimoto.

​The music concept are "Arch", "Promenade" and "Cloud". Six different pieces of music played from six different locations in the rooms (Ceiling, Terrace, Business Discussion Room, Model Exhibition Hall, Bedroom, Dining Room) are blended together in the space to create a single piece of music. 

<#1 / Reception>

The instruments are electric guitar, harpsichord, and drum machine. The song is like riding a cloud through the trees, with lots of pitch shifters, whammy pedals, and tension notes.

<#2 / Terrace>

The instruments are piano, bass, tambourine, violin, and flute. The music has a gorgeous and exciting atmosphere, interspersed with rhythmic bass and wind instrumental phrases.

<#3 / Business Discussion Room>

The instruments are piano, cello, and flute. Inspired by the curves of promenade plants and arches. The piece incorporates a wiggling bass, cello like colorful plants, and percussion like plants swaying in the wind.

<#4 / Model Exhibition Hall>

The instruments are piano, synth bass, wood bass, and percussion. The music has a sense of depth and weightlessness, with various sounds freely mixed in.

<#5 / Bed Room>

The instruments are classical guitar, organ, and flute. The music is like slumbering in the sun, with improvised rhythms and occasional cut-up and reverse playback sounds.

<#6 / Dining Room>

The instruments are clarinet, electric piano, synthesizer, and marimba. We aimed for a retro-modern atmosphere, combining the retro feel of waltz-style drums with the futuristic feel of synthesizers. We replaced the facade design with a musical score and create an intellectual atmosphere with playful chords.

Title:Songs for レ・ジェイド シティ 橋本

Client, Photo:株式会社日本エスコン

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

#1 / Reception
00:00 / 07:17
#2 / Terrace
00:00 / 12:12
#3 / Business Discussion Room
00:00 / 23:59
#4 / Model Exhibition Hall
00:00 / 06:37
#5 / Bed Room
00:00 / 07:05
#6 / LDK
00:00 / 08:00
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