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Songs for Tokyo City View Valentine's Day

Songs for Tokyo City View Valentine's Day | 東京都港区

■Client Works / Space



​楽曲コンセプトは「チョコレートボックスを音楽で表現する」。昨年制作した「Songs for Sky Deck Valentine's Day」より4曲抜粋し、4カ所に散りばめて配置。それぞれの楽曲がズレ続けながらも調和し合うことでひとつの音楽が完成する。

Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.

Music for Valentine's Day at Tokyo City View, the indoor observation deck in Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.

The music concept is "Express chocolate box with music". We selected and placed 4 songs from "Songs for Sky Deck Valentine's Day" composed last year in 4 scattered locations.​ Each piece of music continues to shift, but harmonizes with each other to complete a single piece of music.

Title:Songs for Tokyo City View Valentine's Day


​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

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