The Love Decorated with Flowers

The Love Decorated with Flowers
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Ryota Mikamiの3rd EP。カバーアートは写真家シャルロット・デュマ。1分の楽曲群で「永遠」「無限」「サイクル」を表現する、をコンセプトに制作。自身の声の多重録音と様々なジャンルのサンプリングを使い、夢の中のようなサウンドを作った。7曲入り。

3rd EP of Ryota Mikami. Cover art by Charlotte Dumas. Based on the concept of Expressing "Infinity", "Eternity" and "Cycle" by 7 songs of one minute. He created a dreamlike sound using overdubbing of his own voices and many samplings of various genres. 7 songs included.
Title:The Love Decorated with Flowers

Artist:Ryota Mikami
Cat No.:Veg-024
Photo by Charlotte Dumas
01. Black on Grey
02. White Day
03. Love Decorated with Flowers Lying
04. In the Relationship Between Urban Life and Food
05. Eternity in an Hour
06. Rest Makes Up a Great Part of Their Days and Nights
07. Endless Column

Music Written by Ryota Mikami
Music Directed by Vegetable Record