Paffgen - Vacation


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Paffgen(ペイフゲン)の1st アルバム。16世紀に書かれた、トマス・モア「ユートピア」の世界観を描いた作品。どこかもの悲しくも、希望を感じるドリーミーなサウンドが特徴。10曲入り。

1st album of Paffgen (Syotaro Hayashi). A work depicting the world view of Thomas More's "Utopia" written in the 16th century. It features a dreamy sound that makes you feel sad and hopeful. 10 songs included.

Cat No.:Veg-007

01. Vacation 
02. 10 Days 
03. Ghost 
04. Get Out Of My Horrors 
05. Stranger Than Blue
06. Garden 
07. Little Journey 
08. On The Sea 
09. Fossil 
10. Paradise

Music Written by Syotaro Hayashi
Music Directed by Vegetable Record