Ryota Mikami - Wedding (Part II)

Wedding (Part II)

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Ryota Mikamiの2nd EP「Wedding」のPart II。観念をテーマに、楽曲自体からの印象を排す事を目指して制作された作品。ロマンチックで祝祭感のある、煌びやかなサウンドが特徴。4曲入り。

2nd EP of Ryota Mikami. A work that aims to eliminate the impression from the music itself. It features a romantic and festive sound and an inorganic rhythm. 4 songs included.

Title:Wedding (Part II)
Artist:Ryota Mikami
Cat No.:Veg-011

01. Balloon Decorations 
02. High Contrast, Too Bright Picture 
03. Fordlandia
04. In A Greenhouse

Music Written by Ryota Mikami
Music Directed by Vegetable Record