Love! Vegetables

Love! Vegetables

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The Vegetablesの2nd アルバム。ヘンデルのサラバンドから始まる、サンプリングを多用したキッチュでポップなおもちゃ箱のような作品。宗教的なゴシックさと、可愛らしく少し間の抜けたサウンドが特徴。11曲入り。

2nd album of The Vegetables. A kitsch and pop toy box-like work that uses a lot of sampling. It features religious Gothic and a cute, slightly dull sound. 11 songs included.

Title:Love! Vegetables
Artist:The Vegetables
Cat No.:Veg-008

01. Love! Vegetables
02. Piccadilly 
03. Hit Me 
04. Night Comes Do Meets the Holy One 
05. Promenade
06. A Clean-Well Lighted
07. Orange Peel 
08. A Barber 
09. Captain! O Captain! 
10. Jacob's Ladder 
11. Here Lies Space

Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record