The Vegetables - Song for Cozy Valentine Drip Coffee

Song for Cozy Valentine Drip Coffee
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The Vegetables作曲。

福井県にある自家焙煎珈琲豆専門店「COZY COFFEE」、イラストレーター「hayashi yukiko」とのコラボレーション。「落ち着いたバレンタインデー」をイメージし、サンプリングやグロッケンシュピール、ギター、フルートなどを織り交ぜながら、しっとりとした雰囲気に仕上げた。

Product design using music. Drip bag coffee with music.
Music written by The Vegetables, for drip bag coffee.

Collaboration with home-roasted coffee bean specialty store "COZY COFFEE" and illustrator "hayashi yukiko". They made a song with the image of "Calm Valentine's Day" and mixed some samplings, glockenspiel, guitar, flute, etc. to create a moist atmosphere.

Title:Song for Cozy Valentine Drip Coffee

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Collaboration:COZY COFFEE, hayashi yukiko
Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record