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Song for rétela

Song for rétela
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Product design using music.
Collaboration with textile brand "rétela".

You can download the song for free by reading the QR code of the tag.
Items include "Bags", "Pouches", "Aprons" and "Skirts."

We made the song inspired by rétela's concept "Discarding things that no one looks at, and the breath of handicrafts. Focusing on them and reconstructing them by hand to find new value".
We saw the sounds collected by brand designer Atsuko Ohkoshi in India - "Voices of the people of the city", "Sounds of the horn that symbolizes India", "Sounds of the temple", "Indian songs flowing in the city" and "Sounds of traditional Indian musical instruments Nagaswaram and Taville" - as one of musical materials and musical instruments, and reconstructed as a new musical piece while adding pitch changes and new phrases.

Title:Song for rétela
Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record

Song for rétela
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