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Song for Ryuji Ishikawa #1

Song for Ryuji Ishikawa #1

■Client Works / Space, Product




Spatial design using music, product design using music.

Music for the solo exhibition of ceramic artist Takako Ishikawa.

Inspired by Takako Ishikawa's work, We combined two piano improvisations with two types of reverb. We aimed for an organic, floating air flow-like rhythm and a smooth, sophisticated atmosphere. 

As a product design using music, we put a CD-R and a download card in a package that imitated a vessel.

Title:Song for Ryuji Ishikawa #1
Client:Ryuji Ishikawa
​​Music Written by Ryota Mikami
Music Directed by Vegetable Record

Ryota Mikami - Song for Ryuji Ishikawa #1 (Short ver.)
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