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Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (2021 Live)

Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (Live ver.) | 千葉県流山市
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6月に実施された音あつめワークショップ参加者が録音した音をアレンジしてリニューアルした、 FLAPSのテラス音楽「Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS」のリリースライブ。


The release live of "Song for Nagareyama-Otakanomori S・C FLAPS", a terrace music of FLAPS, which was renewed by arranging the sounds recorded by the participants of the sound gathering workshop held in June.

We created music experience using three elements, "Music on the terrace" that can be heard from FLAPS", "Music installation" with 20 small speakers installed in the plaza and terraces, and "Strolling Live".

​​Live Performance

Marimba, Travel Conga, Cymbal:Aoi Nogi
Synthesizer, Sampler, Glockenspiel, Electric Guitar:Syotaro Hayashi
Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Laptop:Ryota Mikami

​Title:Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (Live ver.)
​Photo:Aoi Kudo

Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record


Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (2021 Live ver.)
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