The Vegetables - Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (Workshop)


Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (Workshop)


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ワークショップ「みんなでつくる「Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS」音あつめワークショップ!」 を、流山おおたかの森S・Cのアートプログラム第3弾として開催。


The Vegetablesとマリンバ奏者「野木青依」がコラボレーションして制作した「Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS」に関連したスペシャルイベント。ワークショップで集められた数十種類の音やマリンバ体験の音を使って、The VegetablesがFLAPSのテラス音楽を新しくバージョンアップ。7/4より実際にテラス音楽として使用されている。





Workshop held as the third art program of Nagareyama Otakanomori SC. This is a special event related to "Song for Ryuyama Otakanomori S / C FLAPS" produced by The Vegetables and marimba player "Aoi Nogi".


Using the several dozen sounds collected at the workshop, The Vegetables has upgraded FLAPS's terrace music to a new version, which has been actually used as terrace music since 7/4.


In the workshop, participants explored from the 1st floor to the rooftop and recorded their own "favorite sounds" and "strange sounds" with voice memos on their smartphones. After that, they selected best "favorite sound" and  "strange sound" and sticked them to sheet. 20 kinds of unique "favorite sounds" and "strange sounds" were collected.


The portrait shot was mailed to the participants as a postcard with a music download code.


Finally, "marimba experience". Participants performed in tremolo playing style. The sound of the marimba experience was also utilized in the upgraded music.

Title:Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (Workshop)

Workshop by Vegetable Record, Aoi Nogi

Photo by Aoi Kudo

Presented by Vegetable Record、流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS