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Song for Shoehorn

Song for Shoehorn

■Client Works / Product


「伐採」「神々しさ」「森羅」をコンセプトに、7分間の楽曲「Song for Shoehorn」を制作。物量に際限がないデジタル音源と一点物のイスを組み合わせることで、数量限定販売をユニークなかたちで表現した。

Product design using music. Shoehorn with music.

The music concept is "logging," "godliness," and "Shinra." By combining a digital sound and a one-of-a-kind shoehorn, we expressed the limited item in a unique way.

Title:Song for Shoehorn
Music Written by Ryota Mikami
Music Directed by Vegetable Record

Song for Shoehorn
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