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Song for TOTEM

Song for TOTEM

■Client Works / Video



Video design using music.
Song for "TOTEM" which is visual art work with the motif of a highway under construction in Nagoya City, collaboration with architect "Keisuke Kawabe" and video artist (producer/director) "Hiroyuki Ishiguro".

This work is based on the concepts of "Fresh","Religion" and "Industrial", and consists of three parts in line with the script. The Vegetables (Ryota Mikami and Syotaro Hayashi) mixed various elements such as unemotional narration, sound in ambient, some samplings and they put musical development and catchy phrases in the song for giving uplifting elation gradually with a sense of tension. 

Title:Song for TOTEM
Client:Keisuke Kawabe, Hiroyuki Ishiguro

Film by Hiroyuki Ishiguro
Written by Keisuke Kawabe
French voice-over & translation by Frédéric Mauchamp 
English translation by Hiroyuki Ishiguro 

Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record


Song for TOTEM
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