Song for Water island

2019/08/08 〜 08/18 
Song for Water island | 東京都港区 

■Client Works / Space 


青山Spiral Showcaseにて開催された、ウェアブランド「POTTENBURN TOHKII」とアクセサリーブランド「nezu」によるポップアップショップ「Water island」の店内音楽を担当。 

「水面の揺らぎ」「半透明」「水色」をコンセプトに、所属アーティストのRyota Mikamiが制作。「Water island」の世界観を音楽で表現。 



Spacial design using music.

Music for the pop-up shop "Water island" by the wear brand "POTTENBURN TOHKII" and the accessory brand "nezu".

The concept is "Fluctuation of water surface", "Translucent" and "Light blue". we expressed the worldbuilding of "Water island".

Also, we and they created "Aroma with Music" with a QR code that allows customers to download the song for free.


Title:Song for Water island 
Original Song Length:40:40


Free Download

Place:Spiral Showcase 
Address:5-6-23, Minami-Aoyama, MInato-Ku, Tokyo 

Music Written by Ryota Mikami 
Music Directed by Vegetable Record