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Song for YURI HIMURO × Takashimaya Christmas

Song for YURI HIMURO × Takashimaya Christmas

■Client Works / Video

YURI HIMURO × Takashimaya Christmas」のコンセプトムービーの音楽。


Video design using music.
Music for the concept video of "YURI HIMURO × Takashimaya Christmas".

We expressed the excitement of Christmas with music using the shakers that imitated the sound of scissors, rhythmic bells and tambourines. In addition, we aimed to create a musically unique work by interweaving 3 and 4 beats.

Title:Song for YURI HIMURO × Takashimaya Christmas

Animation:Shogo Nakamura
Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record

Song for YURI HIMURO × Takashimaya Christmas
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