Songs for A Film "Celebration at home"

Songs for A Film "Celebration at home"
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​マリンバ奏者「野木青依」、写真家「工藤葵」とコラボレーションした、音楽映画「A Film "Celebration at home"」の音楽を担当。

Vegetable Recordが「時報を音楽でデザインする」をコンセプトに制作/発表した「Songs for Time Signal (Songs for KAIKA TOKYO)」に合わせて、野木青依がマリンバやグロッケンシュピールを即興演奏。その様子を工藤葵が映像作品として記録。

4/26の7:00〜24:00、各自宅を使ったインスタレーション「Celebration at home」として、SNSやYoutube上で1日を使って発表。

その後、5/1に音楽映画「A Film "Celebration at home"」としてYoutube上にてリリースした。


Video design using music.

Music for "A Film Celebration at home", that is collaboration work with marimba player “Aoi Nogi” and photographer “Aoi Kudo”.

Aoi Nogi improvises marimba and glockenspiel along with our work "Songs for Time Signal" and Aoi Kudo captured Aoi Nogi's performance as a video work.

They released it on SNS as an home installation "Celebration at home". After that, it is released for free on Youtube.

Songs for Time Signal (Songs for KAIKA TOKYO)

Title:Songs for A Film "Celebration at home"

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Marimba, Glockenspiel:野木青依
Director, Cinematography:工藤葵

Song Direction by Vegetable Record
Presented by 工藤葵、野木青依、Vegetable Record