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Songs for 足立慶友リハビリテーション病院


Songs for 足立慶友リハビリテーション病院


■Client Works / Space




Spatial design using music.
Music for "Adachi Keiyu Rehabilitation Hospital" on the 7th floor in Gotanno.

Inspired by the interior design like bright forest, music expresses the scenery and sounds that gradually change while strolling in the forest. We aimed to create an atmosphere that is both refreshing and calm like adding transparency to Bossa Nova/R&B/Philly Soul.

Also, the songs "#1", "#2", and "#3" are played from the speakers installed in the center and both ends of the long corridor used for rehabilitation. The 3 songs have different length but the same tonality, so they always overlap and harmonize with each other, creating "A gradation-like music space that sounds change depending on where you are" that makes you want to walk toward the music.

Title:Songs for 足立慶友リハビリテーション病院


Music Written by The Vegetables

Music Directed by Vegetable Record

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