Songs for APStreaming

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Songs for APStreaming 

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ZINEのナノ・パブリッシャー「crevasse」が新しく始める、アーティストの自主出版物を紹介する映像ストリーミングサービス「AP (Artists Press) Streaming」の音楽を担当。 



Other design using music.


Music from the video streaming service "AP (Artists Press) Streaming" of ZINE's nano-publisher "crevasse".


The concept is "humor," "sacred," and "tension."

We expressed the crevasse lineup in music. The instrument used was changed for each song in order to make variations of three songs. And we made the atmosphere and tonality of the three songs close to each other to give a sense of unity in service.

Title:Songs for APStreaming


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​Music Written by Ryota Mikami 
Music Directed by Vegetable Record