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Songs for COZY COFFEE | 福井県吉田郡永平寺町
■Client Works / Space


福井県永平寺町にある自家焙煎珈琲豆専門店「COZY COFFEE」の音楽。



<#1 / 天井スピーカー>

<#2 / 入口付近の小型スピーカー>

<#3 / 店内奥の小型スピーカー>

Spatial Design Using Multiple Music/Speakers.

Music for the shop of home-roasted coffee beans brand "COZY COFFEE".

The music is based on the concept of "Collage of Jazz". Various samplings, homage harmonies and melodies were studded to modernize the jazz of the 50's and 60's.

At the same time, The song "#1" is played from the ceiling speaker, "#2" is played from the small speaker near the entrance, and "#3" is played from the small speaker in the back of the store. The 3 songs have different scales but the same tonality, so we always overlap and harmonize with each other, they made a "gradation-like music space where the way you hear changes depending on where you are."

<#1 / Ceiling speaker>

The underlying song "#1" is played from the ceiling speakers throughout the store. We expressed the drive feeling and harmony peculiar to jazz with 5 types of sampled drums and a piano homage to the chord progression of the jazz standard.

<#2 / Small speaker near the entrance>

We regarded the entrance side as a "Dynamic Area" in the store, and expressed the "Elevation", "Stoicness", and "Glossiness" of jazz using a wide variety of samplings and marimba and mellotron.

<#3 / Small speaker in the back of the store>

We regarded the back side as a "Static Area" in the store, and expressed "Calm and mellow atmosphere" using electric guitar, saxophones, synths.

Title:Songs for COZY COFFEE​


Music Written by The Vegetables

Music Directed by Vegetable Record

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