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Songs for 福井銀行本店ビル

Songs for 福井銀行本店ビル | 福井県福井市

■Client Works / Space


2Fのカフェ「THREE TIMES COFFEE」の音楽をベースにアレンジ。「#1」「#2」「#3」を各所に設置した小型スピーカーから再生。3曲は、尺は異なるも調性が同じため、常にズレながらも重なり調和し、音楽に向かって歩き出したくなるような「居る場所によって聴こえ方が変わる、グラデーションのような音楽空間」を作った。

Spatial design using music.
Music for "Fukui Bank Head Office Building".

Arranged based on the music of the cafe "THREE TIMES COFFEE" on the 2nd floor. "#1", "#2" and "#3" are played from small speakers installed in various places on the 2nd floors. The 3 songs have different length but the same tonality, so we always overlap and harmonize with each other, creating "A gradation-like music space that sounds change depending on where you are" that makes you want to walk toward the music.

Title:Songs for 福井銀行本店ビル

Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record 


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