Songs for Home

Songs for Home

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楽曲のバリエーションは、キッチン用の音楽「Song for Kitchen」、トイレ用の音楽「Song for Toilet Room」、お風呂場用の音楽「Song for Bath Room」の3種類。あらかじめ楽曲が内蔵された状態で届くので、スマートフォンやダウンロード作業なしで、直ぐに利用可能。

Spatial design using music.

Speaker with  built-in music that  based on concept of "music for home".

There are three types of music variations: "Song for Kitchen", "Song for Toilet Room", and "Song for Bath Room". Since the speaker arrives with built-in music, it can be used immediately without device or download.

キッチン用の音楽「Song for Kitchen」
トイレ用の音楽「Song for Toilet Room」
お風呂場用の音楽「Song for Bath Room」

Title:Songs for Home

​Original Song Length "Song for Kitchen":15:20

Original Song Length "Song for Toilet Room":16:48

​Original Song Length "Song for Bath Room":10:54


Free Download (Short Version)


​​Music Written by The Vegetables, Syotaro Hayashi, Ryota Mikami

Music Directed by Vegetable Record