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Songs for 桑原商店

Songs for 桑原商店 | 東京都品川区
■Others / Installation
今年で8回目を迎える、テクノロジーアートの祭典「Media Ambition Tokyo 2020」。桑原商店にて、音楽を使った新作インスタレーション、音楽付き日本酒「Songs for 桑原商店」を発表した。



Technology Art festival "Media Ambition Tokyo 2020" that is holding its eighth session this year. We released a brand-new installation using music, Sake with Music "Songs for Kuwabara Store" at Kuwabara Store.
Songs made by Vegetable Record's artists with inspiration from Kuwabara Store's concept "As unplanned". The song "#1" (consists of various sound elements that awake personal memory) is played from the speaker near the entrance of the store, the song "#2" (consists of sounds that express the organic atmosphere of the shop, which has been run by a family for 100 years) is played from the speaker at the back of the store separately, therefore we provide the song "#3" which is completed when two songs are mixed together as musical experiences "that can only be listened at that place and time / that changes as walking around the store".
In addition, we view Sake as one of the music media and sell "Sake with Music" which is a QR card on all bottle of the Sake.
​Title:Songs for 桑原商店
Music Written by Syotaro Hayashi, Ryota Mikami
Music Directed by Vegetable Record

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