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Songs for レ・ジェイド 新横浜

Songs for レ・ジェイド 新横浜 |

■Client Works / Space

レ・ジェイド 新横浜のモデルルームの音楽。

​音楽のコンセプトは「along with」「ラグジュアリー」「グリーン」。モデルルームの6ヶ所(シーリング、 廊下、模型ルーム、寝室×2、LDK)から流れる6種類の楽曲が空間で混ざり合うことでひとつの音楽が完成する。


​<#1 / シーリング>



<#2 / 廊下>

アコースティックギター、パーカッ ション、ヴィブラフォン、サルテリオ、ピアノ、バイオリンを使用。即興演奏と定期的な和音を組み合わせた、森の中にいるような楽曲。


<#3 / 模型ルーム>

エレキギター、スティールパン、 マリンバ、バイオリンを使用。外観デザインの4層に変化するファサードから着想した、4種類の楽器のフレーズがグラデーションのように変化していく楽曲。


​<#4 / 寝室(子ども)>



<#5 / 寝室>


​<#6 / LDK>


Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.
Music for the Condominium Showroom of the Le JADE Shinyokohama.

​The music concept are "Along with", "Luxury", and "Green". Six different types of music played from six locations in the model room (Ceiling, Reception, Model exhibition Hall, Two Bedrooms, and Dining room) will be blended together in the space to create a single piece of music.

<#1 / Ceiling>

The instruments are classical guitar, piano, and clarinet. Based on the theme of "emerald green," the piece expresses fluctuations and depressions through open-tuning improvisation, fragmented piano phrases, and clarinet accents.

<#2 / Corridor>

The instruments are acoustic guitar, percussion, vibraphone, sartelio, piano, and violin. A combination of improvisation and periodic chords, this piece is like being in a forest.

<#3 / Model Exhibition Hall>

The instruments are electric guitar, steel pan, marimba, and violin. Inspired by the four-tiered facade of the exterior design, the music is a gradation of phrases from the four different instruments.

<#4 / Kid's Bed Room>

The instruments are vibraphone, electric piano, piano, electric guitar, and electric bass. The music is calm and joyful, with floating phrases and slightly sporty rhythms intersecting.

<#5 / Bed Room>

The instruments are piano, electric guitar, violin, and analog synthesizer. The music expresses a chic and elegant bedroom with sprawling phrases, soothing chords, and mellow effects.

<#6 / Dining Room>

The instruments are electric bass, vibraphone, harpsichord, drum machine, and salterio. The music is organic and full of light, combining moving and regular phrases.

Title:Songs for レ・ジェイド 新横浜

Client, Photo:株式会社日本エスコン

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

#1 / Ceiling
00:00 / 15:28
#2 / Corridor
00:00 / 09:06
#3 / Model Exhibition Hall
00:00 / 15:54
#4 / Kid's Bed Room
00:00 / 03:53
#5 / Bed Room
00:00 / 06:22
#6 / LDK
00:00 / 07:46
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