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Songs for レ・ジェイド 板橋本町

Songs for レ・ジェイド 板橋本町 | 東京都板橋区

■Client Works / Space

レ・ジェイド 板橋本町のモデルルームの音楽。



<#1 / シーリングスピーカー>


<#2 / 入口階段上>

<#3 / 受付>

<#4 / 商談ルーム>

<#5 / 商談ルーム>

<#6 / LDK>

<#7 / 寝室>

Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.
Music for the Condominium Showroom of the Le JADE Itabashi Honcho.

​The music concept are "Minimal", "Displacement" and "Curve". Seven different pieces of music played from eight different locations in the rooms (Ceiling, Upstairs at the Entrance, Reception, Business Discussion Room, Dining Room, Bedroom) are blended together in the space to create a single piece of music. 

<#1 / Ceiling Speaker>

The instrument is xylophone. The music is a chic piece with an organic and luxurious feel, combining several effects and layering multiple phrases.

<#2 / Upstairs at the Entrance>

The instruments are marimba, violin, piano, flute, and horns. The music greets you from the entrance.

<#3 / Reception>

The instruments are piano, analog synthesizer, violin, and electric guitar. The music is inorganic and elegant with synthesizers and electric guitar phrases.

<#4 / Business Discussion Room>

The instruments are acoustic guitar, percussion, marimba, and clarinet. The music has an inorganic yet botanical feel, with organic acoustic guitar arpeggios overlaid with waltz-like drums.

<#5 / Business Discussion Room>

The instruments are electric guitar, drum machine, guiro, and synthesizer. The music is a random arrangement of noisy guitar phrases inspired by the glazed tiles of the condominium entrance.


<#6 / Dining Room>

The instruments are acoustic guitar, drum percussion, bass, percussion, clarinet, and harp. The music is like a soft moving air.

<#7 / Bed Room>

The instrument is acoustic guitar. The music has a warm atmosphere, combining several improvised phrases.

Title:Songs for レ・ジェイド 板橋本町

Client, Photo (Rooms):株式会社日本エスコン

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

#1 / Ceiling Speaker (Short ver.)
00:00 / 55:53
#2 / Upstairs at the Entrance
00:00 / 20:39
#3 / Reception
00:00 / 21:20
#4 / Business Discussion Room
00:00 / 21:22
#5 / Business Discussion Room
00:00 / 22:28
#6 / Dining Room
00:00 / 18:21
#7 / Bed Room
00:00 / 27:55
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