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Songs for レ・ジェイド 札幌苗穂

Songs for レ・ジェイド 札幌苗穂 | 北海道札幌市

■Client Works / Space

レ・ジェイド 札幌苗穂のモデルルームの音楽。


<#1 / シーリング>


<#2 / 受付>


<#3 / LDK>

<#4 / 寝室>

Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.
Music for the Condominium Showroom of the Le JADE Sapporo Naebo.

The music concepts are "INHERITANCE", "Tradition and modernity" and "Luxury in warmth". Four different pieces of music played from four different locations in the model room (Ceiling, Reception, Dining Room and Bedroom) continue to shift, but mix together in the space to create a single piece of music.

<#1 / Ceiling>

The instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, and marimba. The music has an enveloping depth that evokes classical brickwork and fireplaces.

<#2 / Reception>

The instruments are electric guitar, synthesizer, violin, piano, and marimba. Inspired by the reflections of marble and snow surfaces, the music has a relaxed and soft atmosphere.

<#3 / Dining Room>

The instruments are clarinet, steelpan, and acoustic guitar. Inspired by Twilight White, the music has a shimmering and luxurious feel in a relaxed time.

<#4 / Bed Room>

The instruments are electric piano, organ, classical guitar, and saxophone. The music has a classical feel with many polyphonic melodies.

Title:Songs for レ・ジェイド 札幌苗穂

Client, Photo:株式会社日本エスコン

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

#1 / Ceiling
00:00 / 13:19
#2 / Reception
00:00 / 07:27
#3 / Dining Room
00:00 / 14:35
#4 / Bed Room
00:00 / 07:07
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